Both ABC and NBC failed to report on the four American Officials deaths in Libya and the scandal surrounding the Administration around the event. This was a confirmed terrorist attack and we were repeatedly lied to on public television for weeks.

These News Channels had nothing to say about it. How is it that we are being "led" to believe what the media wants us to believe rather than just receiving the news in an honest manner as it should be. Why is America putting up with it? I just don't get it.

Are we that docile? Have we become that weak?

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Shell Knob, Missouri, United States #687231

First of all why the sudden interest in diplomats killed in a foreign country? Apparently this is politically motivated.

If you are upset with Hillary where was your rage during the 8 years of bush who had at least 10 bombings that killed over 50 americans. Forgotten the u.s.s.

cole? How about 9/11?


The question should be have you taken your meds today. I record Good Morning America EVERY DAY and the ABC evening news several times a week and they have talked about the events in Libya repeatedly. I have no idea what you are talking about.

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