Watching the Boston Washington Caps Game two of 2012 playoffs. We can't stand when NBC carries hockey games the are a very insides crew All the talk about is how Boston is doing this and that so good on a constant bases and telling how horrible caps are playing over and over.

They do realize the caps aware the underdog playing with a rookie goalie and lost game 1 1-0 in OT in Boston. Being on Nation TV your announcers should be less bias it gets sucking to hear over and over We don't care if the support The Caps but it ruins the game to hear this all the time. This is also done when Pittsburg plays anyone also.

Hopefully next season the NHL give the game to another network or the powers to be should actually listen to them with an open mind and they will see.Go CBS or any other network but NBC. Thanks the people from Washington metro area.

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I am too fed up with biased sports casters on other channels and I simply just shut the game off. I know all teams have their weak point and the sports casters need to be equal and not just be negative towards one team.

That's how I stop watching some games on tv due to this.

Thanks for bringing up this topic. It shows that I am not alone on this topic.


Yes I agree, they should cater to all 13 of the capitals fans not the big market NHL teams. And to speak well of the reigning NHL champs is very rude to do when they're playing a team that will never ever win in the finals. N-E-V-E-R


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