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Was going thru channels on a Sunday ...... stopped on Meet the Press and while watching it for a few minutes I noticed Mr. Todd was using “President” when referring to Obama and intentionally NOT using “President” when referring to President Trump... even correcting someone on the panel when they DIDN’T preface Obama with “President”.... I thought after all these years and all his promotions Mr. Todd must have attained a modicum of respect..but alas...not to be Chuckie...

Write a hundred times....

I must refer to the President of the United States as President whether I like him (her) or not...

I must refer to the President of the United States as President whether I like

him (her) or not...


Have a nice day Chuckie...


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I remember when the Cosby show first came out. Everybody was crazy for it and it was always the #1 show.

I never did like it from day one. I loved "The Jeffersons" about the rich black family that owned a bunch of dry cleaners stores. Sherman Helmsley was hysterically funny. But I could watch episode after episode of "The Cosby Show" and never laugh.

I didn't think it was funny, nor did I beleive that he was actually a doctor and that his wife was actually a lawyer. Genuinely good actors and actresses make you believe the role that they are playing. I met Meredith Baxter Bernie when I was living in Hollywood, California.

Thank God I never met Bill Cosby. The thought of that man touching me sends chills down my spine and I shudder like I've just seen a cockroach.

to ThankGodThatINeverMetBillCosby #1574090

I used to love watching "Family Ties". The actress that played the mother on the show was Meredith Baxter Birney . Sorry for mispelling her last name Birney on the above review.


What the he'll does this have to do with this site. It's for consumer complaints not your political bs.

to Kneecallahan #1577808

Would you feel the same way if the President had grabbed your mama or your sister?

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